5 Tips to Save Money and Still Get Great Results

What is your best strategy for managing your marketing budget in times of economic uncertainty? Is it to put your mailings on hold until things get better, or is it to get creative and take advantage of existing opportunities? Our experience is that, even when the economy tightens, businesses get creative with their marketing andContinue reading 5 Tips to Save Money and Still Get Great Results

Direct Mail and Social Media: Better Together

Are you planning a multichannel marketing campaign? Automatically assuming you will be pairing direct mail with email? How about pairing direct mail with social media instead? Haven’t thought about it? Maybe you should. What makes direct mail and social media so complementary? Higher levels of customer engagement, regardless of channel, lead to strong customer loyaltyContinue reading “Direct Mail and Social Media: Better Together”

5 Tips for Expanding Your Mailing Reach

1. Look at trade shows.Trade shows attract a particular target audience, and they generally attract the decision-makers in the company. Attendee lists from trade shows in your market vertical can net you very high-value prospects. 2. Use the media.Like trade shows, specialty magazines (including trade magazines) have well-defined target audiences, and some will sell theirContinue reading “5 Tips for Expanding Your Mailing Reach”

Do You Know How Customers Really Feel About You?

Think you know how your customers feel about you? So do three-quarters of companies. Yet a survey by Zogby Analytics finds that, while 73% of companies say they are “very aware” of their customers’ level of satisfaction with them, 36% of consumers say that companies are either “unaware” or “completely oblivious.”  That’s a big gap!Continue reading “Do You Know How Customers Really Feel About You?”

Don’t Send Your Next Mailing Until You Read This

Getting ready to launch your next mailing campaign? Stop! Even if you’ve got the correct list, the right variables for personalization, and a “knock your socks off” design, don’t forget to double-check your content. Too often, businesses send the same messaging over and over again, and even if it’s still effective, it gets stale. Here’sContinue reading “Don’t Send Your Next Mailing Until You Read This”